History of Woody Resin

The saga continues…


Woody Resin was born at the age of 15 on June 15, 1965 in a tiny thatched beach shack in Rockaway Beach, NY.  Here is how this extraordinary event came about: 

After the first issue of Atlantic Surfing Magazine (which published from 1965-1969) hit the stands in March 1965, the fledgling surfing community of the East Coast came alive. With the emergence of Atlantic Surfing Magazine, it now had its own voice.

Now the East Coast surfers could compete with their West Coast and Australian counterparts. Previously, East Coast surfers had to buy their products from West Coast suppliers and, like Rodney Dangerfield, “got no respect.”

Atlantic Surfing Magazine started to change that. But what was needed was a spokesperson. Hence, Woody Resin’s birth was planned.  The Atlantic Surfing Magazine staff – John Gundersen, publisher; Paul Chapey, editor and G. R. Vartan, art director – chose Mark Dornan, a surfing cartoonist from Rockaway Beach, to come up with a visual mascot.  Together they created – and Dornan drew – Woody Resin.

When the second issue hit the stands in September 1965, Woody Resin became the symbol of the only surfing magazine dedicated to the East Coast.  Sharing the pages of that issue was a colorful cast of characters who became lifelong “friends of Woody.” Many of them became surfing legends and an increasing number of them have been inducted – or soon will be – into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame in Cocoa Beach, FL.

Woody became a Marine helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War.  After his discharge, Woody relocated to Encinitas, CA, where he lived a quiet life, residing just a stone’s throw away from primo surf spots such as Swami’s, Cardiff Reef, Tamarack, and Beacons. He retired in bliss and solitude, just surfing the days away.

Then in the 1980s Woody emerged again, once more on the cusp of two surf phenomena – the baja pullover (jerga) and the nylon Velcro wallet fads, both first popularized by Southern California surfers.  Woody took on the big players toe to toe: Sr. Lopez in baja pullovers and Rainbow Wallets.  Afterward the fads faded, Woody went back to his beloved surfing breaks.  But once again, retirement was not going to last.  Woody is now back in the surf scene again with his latest creations for surfers and their friends and admirers:

Surfboards at reasonable prices
Boogie boards
Skim boards
Board Bags
Repair kits
Dress-up clothes
And more…even hodad souvenirs.

And the Woody Resin saga continues!

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